Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures from our trip to Utah

Mom and Dad
Babysitting our newest nephew Reed. He is so handsome!

Chelsea, Alece and I hanging out

Levi Playing Guitar Hero
Dad and Levi working on the Honda,
My dads favorite thing to do!

Trip to Utah

This last week Levi had spring break and I took the whole week off and we decided to take a road trip to good old Utah to see friends and family. We stopped in Vegas and stayed with Art and Jamie for two nights. We had a great time hanging out with them and of course playing with our niece Addison. She is so cute! When we were leaving she wrapped her arms around Levi's neck and wouldn't let him go even when Jamie tried to pry her off of him. She must love her uncle!! Then we headed up to Utah and had a good time seeing our family and friends. One of the days my dad took my keys and started working on my car so of course we went out to help him. We ended up working on it for just about six hours, thats my dad for you! But I sure do love a clean car! It looked great, Thanks dad! Levi and I both got a hair cut on this trip. Levi needed one so bad; he almost couldn't see because his hair was getting so long and I got some highlights. On Wednesday we had a family dinner. It was fun to see everyone. Danny brought over his Nintendo Wii and of course Cory wanted to play it all night long. We got a video of him rockin' out when Craig and I were playing guitar hero. It was pretty funny. On Friday and Saturday we had a BBQ and a game night with a bunch of friends. We had a great time seeing everyone! Now it is time for everyone else to come see us.