Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our weekend get-away to San Diego

This last weekend we went to San Diego for a little vacation to get out of town. We left Friday afternoon and got there around seven. We stayed at a doubletree hotel, it was pretty nice! We kind of had a good view we could see the bay and the airport was just a couple miles out and it was fun to see all the airplanes fly past the window and to watch them land. The first night we were there we walked downtown and checked out the city and went to the gaslamp district which is a huge outdoor shopping mall during the day and changes to clubs and bars during the night. There were a bunch of crazy people yelling everywhere there so we didn't stay out to late.

On Saturday we met up with Aaron, his wife Natalie, their son Daniel, and their sister in law Garin. Aaron is one of Levi's friends that lives in California. We met them at Balboa Park and we drove around the park until we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo. We had a great time walking around seeing all of the animals. Levi Liked the otters the best and now I think he wants to have some. Aside from the fact that it would probably be illegal, it is kind of like his idea of keeping chipmunks and chickens, a dream that will NEVER happen!! We saw a show with a couple of seals. They did a really good job they danced around the floor and gave kisses to people and did a bunch of tricks. I think I liked that the best at the Zoo.

When we were done at the zoo we went and got our swimsuits on and went down to the beach. Aaron bought some body boards and we rode them on the waves. The water was a little cold at first but once you got in all the way it felt great. The hard part was getting out and sitting in the wind, that was COLD!!!!

On Sunday we got up and went to the The Birch Aquarium at Scripps. It was a pretty good aquarium we saw alot of different kind of fish and Levi could name just about every one of them with out looking at the pictures with the names. For you that don't know Levi likes to do Salt water aquariums. We also saw an octopus, sharks, stingrays, seahorses and all sorts of other things. I was a little upset that we missed the penguins at the zoo so we found a stuffed one at the aquarium that I got a picture of Levi with it. When we were done checking out all the fish we headed down to the beach and we laid out there for awhile and we watched the surfers surf the waves. It was a little cloudy and windy so we didn't get in the water. We decided to check out some of the shops by the beach and we found a little mexican restaurant that we ate at. It was pretty good!! Then we went back to our hotel and had a power nap, well more like Levi had a nap while I sat around. Then we walked down to the pier and checked out all the old boats and the USS Midway. That thing is huge. I never imagined those ships were that long. I don't know how anyone could drive that thing let alone trying to park it. CRAZY!!! On our way back to the hotel we were in Little Italy and all the restaurants were pretty empty except this one called Fillipi's which had a line out the door and around the block. we decided it had to be pretty good since it was packed so we waited in the line to be seated. The line went pretty quick. Levi ordered the sausage lasagna and I had half ravioli and half lasagna. You couldn't even imagine how much food was on each of our plates. I don't think either of us ate even half or our meal. It was really good and is was only 7-8 dollars for each dinner!

On Monday we got ready to head home but first we went over to Coronado Island and checked out some of the shops over there. It had some pretty neat stores but we didn't stay long enough to see much because we wanted to start the drive home. Oh by the way can you believe that gas in downtown San Diego is $4.25 now that is crazy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baseball butts drive me NUTS!!!!

This last weekend Levi and I went to the Diamondbacks baseball game. I scored free tickets from a drug rep at work. He gave me the option of a bunch of different games but I had know idea who would be good to see so I had to call Levi and see who he would like to see. He picked a game against the New York Mets. Even though we lost it was a really good game! We had a great time. Our seats were right above the owner of the diamondbacks and Senator John McCain came to the game and was sitting right next to him. It was pretty funny even though they are on the front row of the game they have a flat screen TV that plays all the replays up close and personal, just in case they missed it. So after going to the game I decided something, I don't know if on airlines if your are to big for the seat if you have to pay for two seats, but after sitting next to the guy at the baseball game I decided that should be a rule for all public spaces. At first I thought that making big people buy two tickets was a really rude thing to do but once you have the experience of having some total stranger sit next to you and rub their total right side of their body to your whole left side for three and half hours, forcing them to buy two tickets doesn't sound that bad. He kept reaching in his pockets for snacks and I would get elbowed in the ribs. It was pretty uncomfortable! Lose some weight or pay up!
Anyways the next picture is of Levi's favorite player Eric Brynes. He is a great player! The picture is from the HD screen at the field and it is enormous. He almost got a triple due to errors from the other team but didn't quite make it all the way and got thrown out at third. We would have won if he was just a 1/2 a second quicker!