Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snow... it looks good, but sometimes it stinks

We took a trip up to Pinetop last weekend to get out of town. A snowstorm made the trip an hour longer than usual, and we were greeted with a four foot wall of snow when we got to the cabin. It took over an hour to clear enough snow to get the car off of the street for the night. In the morning it took another hour and a half to dig the car out from sheet of ice we had parked on and the snow built up by the plow. Kathy took what I'm sure was the longest nap in her life after that. We made a snowman, played some SNES, and sat around. We were too tired from all of the shoveling to do anything real ambitious. I made Kathy promise that we have to have a 4x4 if we are going to come up in the snow again.

Isn't Kathy so angelic?
After shoveling all day, playing in snow doesn't sound very fun. Kathy wanted to, so we built a snowman. I put a Hatch crack on the back of this snowman but Kathy didn't want to take a picture of it.

I'm going to make Kathy keep her promise about the 4x4.

Out for a hike.........A long hike!

A few weekends ago we decided to go for a hike. We went to a place called South Mountain in Phoenix. Side note from Levi: South Mountain is the location of the largest municipal park in the US. Anyways there are a lot of different hikes to choose from and we decided to do a hike that was around six miles long. We got to a place called fat man's pass (because you have to shimmy between the mountain to get through). Well I guess we went the day the boy scouts had a hiking outing because they were all over the place and of course blocking the sign where we were suppose to turn around to hike back. So needless to say we hiked in the wrong direction about another mile and a half. Then of course another mile and half back to fat mans pass where we got back on our trail. So we started hiking again and we got to a point where the trail split in two directions and of course just our luck there was a post where a sign should have been but of course was gone. So we picked the more traveled trail and what do you know we ended up in a totally different parking lot than our car. We had to look like idiots and ask these guys for a ride around the mountain to our car. Well we ended up hiking about nine miles instead of the six. We still had a good time but since then we haven't been out for a hike.This chipmunk saw us from across the wash and he knew exactly what to do....... we watched him jump from rock to rock to get near us to beg for food. So of course Levi pulled out the goldfish crackers and fed him. Then when we got home Levi had to look up how to keep chipmunks as pets. It is possible but would take a lot of work!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wedding Pictures

I am new to this whole blogging thing so I don't really know all the rules like being tagged but Elise said I was tagged and that I had to put up some wedding pictures so here they are!

Valentines Day

I had to work and Levi had school on Valentines day but we still managed to have a good day! I gave Levi the game Zelda for his precious Nintendo Wii and Levi gave me a book on how to give massages. When he gave it to me I told him it wasn't for me to read but for him to read and to give me massages. Well I guess my comment worked because when I got home he tried out all of the techniques he had learned on me. It was GREAT!!! That night we went to one of my favorite places to eat Cafe Rio and then rented a movie. We also went hot tubing. We both had a good day!