Wednesday, March 28, 2012

He thinks he is so BIG!

Mason thinks that it is time for him to play with the big kids! This last week he has been trying to climb up the stairs after Avery. I usually find him when he is on the first step thank goodness! This time I decided to see how far he could get on his own. Of course Avery had to be by his side and cheer him on and I was right behind him in case he fell.P1030981P1030983P1030985P1030991P1030994

He made it to the first landing then he tried to continue on until I told him no. P1030996

So he decided to try coming down head first!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Lovin' the weather

After each of us had the 24 hour stomach bug (all on different days) we needed to get out of this house! This week the weather has been amazing!  So we took every opportunity we had to be outside!  Avery is becoming a pro at her tricycle. She loves to ride it out on the back patio. We have taken quite a few trips to the park. These two LOVE the swings! Avery use to hate the swings when she was Masons age. She would scream and scream until we would get her out and now it is her favorite thing to do.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have an addiction

I have a HUGE addiction to Pinterest! Probably like every girl, right? I thought I would just post some of the things that I have made from the inspiration of Pinterest.
My mom and I made the cutest stick horses for the kids. Avery really really wanted a horse for Christmas so I figured a stick horse would have to suffice. I found a great tutorial on Pinterest HERE and I put my mom to work in the Hatch sweat shop!!(she visited in the summer/Fall when it was super duper hot and she said she felt like she was in a sweat shop) My mom is an amazing seamstress. She can make anything. Every time she comes to visit I put her to work on something I need done. I thought that they turned out amazing. Avery loves her horse. She tells it to giddy up all the time.

I made this Valentines necklace for Avery after seeing it HERE! I thought it was so cute! Avery even helped paint the heart! She loves her necklace especially since she got to help make it.P1030802

We have made these stuffed shells a couple of times now. Recipe found HERE. They are delicious. I love that it makes so much. You can freeze half the recipe so you can have it another time, or its a great recipe to take to someone else and then you have the other half for your dinner!P1020974
I have seen these apothecary jars everywhere recently.(I got my inspiration HERE) I think they are so cute! I think that it was a huge craze for a while because I looked at Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for all the supplies multiple times and couldn’t get them. They were always sold out!  When I finally got my hands on all the supplies I was a little put off, so I did the project a little at a time.  I was almost finished when all the pieces were outside drying and Levi was out cleaning something with the hose and he sprayed them all down, accidentally:( After that they sat in a box for another couple months until I got the urge to finally finish them. So here they are finished, still drying! Now I need to figure out where to put them.P1030863P1030867
I made this biggest loser recipe found HERE, not because it is healthy but because it sounded good. We all know that I am not a healthy eater and couldn’t stick to a diet to save my life. Chocolate is just way to good to stay away from! Anyways they were actually really good. I would make them again. But the recipe says 18 egg whites, well I only did 15 and I still had a lot leftover that I just made scrambled eggs from.  In the future I might only do 12  eggs or because I don’t really care if it is healthy I might just do the whole egg and use less!P1030788
Well now that you know that I am addicted to chocolate, I made these Valentine cake pops. They were delicious! They were really really rich but still good. Avery was a big helper/mess maker with the sprinkles. Most of the sprinkles ended up in her mouth or on the floor.

For Valentines day Avery and I made two Grandmas brag books that I found HERE! I thought they were so cute so I downloaded there link. I couldn’t decide on only a few pictures so I tweaked it a little and made it reversible so I could put pictures on both sides. Both Grandmas loved them!P1030787P1030785

As you can see I am loving perusing Pinterest and finding fun things to try out! There are so many other things I have tried and many other things that are still in the works! Can you say I found my new love?!?!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Phoenix Children's Museum/Arizona Science Center

Man did we have fun at the Phoenix Children’s Museum back in October. There is so much to do. We spent most of the day there. Avery had a blast. She enjoyed climbing on this contraption.

She also loved playing in the kitchen and grocery store. It was hard for us to get her to move on to the next activity.


This is a flying bath tub


There is five or six layers that Levi had to squeeze through to get to the bottom. I don’t think he realized that they were so tight to fit through and that there were so many switchbacks.


These were tubes that had air blowing through them so when you put in a foam ball or a handkerchief it would race through the tube and shoot out at you from different openings.


Avery is in the boat with legs


Last weekend we went to the Arizona Science Center. I got free tickets from the library and we took advantage of it. I think Avery was a little young for it,  but we still had a good time!


Avery being raised up on a bed of nails!


Avery stretched herself


And Mason was good as long as he had food!