Monday, May 31, 2010

Curly Hair?

Everyone that has grown up with me knows that I have never had a curly hair on my head. My hair is straighter than straight. When I was in high school I would try and curl my hair on occasion and just get fed up because it would last for about an hour then it would flatten out and look horrible. The best bet I had of having curls in my hair for a day was with a whole can of hairspray and I mean a whole can. So that is why most people have never seen me with my hair all done up in curls. It just doesn’t last long enough for all the effort.

When I was pregnant my hair got so thick.  I swear I never lost a hair off my head. Then after having Avery my hormones went all haywire(I’m sure this happens to most) and I started losing all that hair I hadn’t lost for nine months. I lost hair by the handfuls, good thing I have a lot of hair. Now months later my hair is growing back and I have all these crazy fly-aways sticking straight out all over my head. It looks ridiculous!! Now I have noticed that the hair that is growing back around my ears and underneath around my neck has some curl to it!  What? Where did this come from?

When my mom was in town visiting I had my hair in a pony-tail and she asked me, “Did you curl your hair?” because all the re-growth hair that didn’t fit up in my pony-tail was all curly! What am I suppose to do with this? Am I going to have to buy a flat iron? Hopefully when it grows a little more and gets a little heavier it will straighten out!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rocking it old School


When I picked up Avery one day I found this.  Apparently I had forgotten to pack a spare outfit in the diaper bag for those BLOWOUT days! Grandma Hatch had dug up one of Levi or Arts old baby boy outfits for Avery to borrow.