Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little late but here is Thanksgiving

This year we went to Utah for Thanksgiving. We were a little worried about the long drive with Avery but she was a champ and did really well in the car and there were not any freak-outs! We saw a couple of friends but mostly hung out with family! My mom makes the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. We had everything you could think of! Levi and I even contributed to the dinner by making Levi's Grandma's recipe of pomegranate salad..........DELICIOUS!

Avery had a good time seeing all of her cousins! I think they liked to see her to. All of Avery's cousins(ages 8 months to 7 years) tried out her Bumbo chair. It was pretty funny, too bad we didn't get any pictures of that.

Levi and my dad did a lot of work on my car. We are so thankful for my dad. He always checks out my car when we visit and he usually ends up doing a lot of maintenance on it. It definitely saves us a lot of money! Thanks Dad!

We saw the movie The Blindside. It was pretty good and funny. The last thing we did was get haircuts and I got my hair dyed DARK! Well dark for me. We did it twice. I wanted a slight tint of red when you saw it in the sun, but it turned out a little purple so the second time we put some more dark in it and it turned out pretty dark. It looked almost black but it has washed out some and I like it.

Reed wanted to hold Avery every chance he could get.

It was chilly in Utah so we had to keep Avery bundled up!

Avery hanging out with Grandpa

This is one of the few pictures we got of Avery smiling.

Avery rolling around with her cousin Daxton