Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Masons 1st Birthday

P1040360Mason had his 1st birthday on Sunday. It was a very eventful day filled with balloons, Chocolate chip pancakes, family, yummy food, cupcakes, toys, toys, and more toys! This kid is one spoiled little boy. But he sure does deserve it. I can’t even say how great Mason is. We love you Mason and want you to know that you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives.
Just a little bit about Mason:

  • He LOVES food. Don’t even think about taking a bite of something unless there is some for him too. There is not one thing that has gone in his mouth and came back out. He downs anything and everything. The only way to tell that he is done eating is that he will begin to put the food on top of his head. Each night he eats dinner around five and then when Levi gets home around 6:30, Mason thinks it’s dinner time all over again. He pretty much gets two dinners every night.
  • He likes to clap his hands, give high fives, point to his nose, and he sometimes will put one finger up when you ask him how old he is.
  • He is such a loving tender little guy. He loves to cuddle mom and give out kisses; watch out they are mostly open mouth kisses!
  • When Dad comes home from work Mason lights up and makes a mad dash towards him.
  • Mason always wants to see what Avery is doing, which is usually taking toys from him. But he still loves to play right along side of her, toys or no toys.
  • Mason loves the bath tub, but he is terrified of people swimming. Whenever someone jumps off the diving board or goes under the water he flips out.

Here are a few pictures from his birthday fun!P1040336P1040338P1040342P1040351P1040355P1040371P1040376P1040378P1040381