Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've got primary songs stuck in my head

I looked out the window and what did I see,
Drunken drivers wearing pink undies.
The Sheriff has brought me such a nice surprise,
Crooks serving time right before my eyes

I could watch the inmates pick the weeds,
A group chained together right below the knees.
I can see the guards, but I'm glad to be,
Locking my door between them and me!

We have this empty field right in front of our apartment and Levi looked out the window and to his surprise he saw the whole chain gang cleaning up the field. And Yes, they do wear pink underwear!


I love Halloween! I love seeing all the little kids dressed in their costumes. They are always so cute! Plus I enjoy dressing up for Halloween too! I think I have dressed up every year since I was little. We always have some party or activity to dress up for. I was so lucky because my mom came to visit us for the whole week prior to Halloween. She sewed my Halloween costume. It was so cute. Everyone at my work dressed up. It was so much fun! Everyone looked so funny! We had a couple of witches, gypsy, skeleton, tattooed biker chicks, sleeping beauty, Minnie Mouse, cow girl, cat, and I was a ladybug! My mom sewed me a red scrub top and then she loosely sewed on black felt dots so I could take them off and actually wear the scrub top later. She did a great job! She is an amazing seamstress! Then I bought ladybug wings and a headband with antennas. I also found socks that were red with black dots. It was a great costume. Everyone at work liked it. Halloween night we went to our ward trunk-or-treat and this little girl probably around 4 or 5 kept coming up to me and saying, "you're a ladybug. That is so cute. You are so cute!" It was so funny she just kept saying it to me every time she came by. We had a good time seeing all the fun costumes.
While my mom was here we had a great time. I wish she could come visit more. Plus anyone else is more than welcome to come visit and stay with us. HINT HINT!!! It was so nice having her here. Every night when I came home from work and Levi came home from school she had a nice HOT dinner waiting for us. It was sooooo delicious! We were so spoiled while she was here. She taught me how to use my sewing machine and a lot of different things I could do. I think I might have to practice before I sew anything to big. I think I might screw up a lot on this whole sewing thing! I guess I will give it a try. If I mess up too much at least I have a mother-in-law that lives close by that is a great at sewing too! I might stop by with some questions?!?!?!?!
Levi and I also did the annual pumpkin carving! Of course with pumpkins that Levi grew. That's right he grew them in Hot Hot Arizona!! I carved the one that is a bat and Levi did the other one. We love carving pumpkins. We had a lot of fun! Thanks mom for coming to visit and spoiling us!!!