Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor day get-a-way

P1010331 More like a get-a-way from the heat. For Labor day weekend we headed up to Pinetop to stay at the cabin. The weather was perfect. We took walks every day. Avery loved being outside. She constantly wanted to go outside but so did we so it all worked out.P1010339 We took Avery for a wagon ride around the lake and feed the ducks. There were a lot of people walking their dogs around and Avery had to say Hi to all of them. Have we mentioned she LoVeS dogs!

P1010270 P1010276P1010297 P1010281

It was so relaxing. I enjoyed sitting on the porch listening to the trees sway back and forth and watching all the little chipmunks run around. I finished two books that I had already started and I started another one while we were there.

P1010318 P1010314

Avery loved trying on all the flower headbands that Grandma had made and she wanted to ride the tricycle all around the house even though someone had to be pushing her since she couldn’t reach the pedals.


It was a great GET-A-WAY! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting us come and visit!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Avery’s 1st hair cut

Avery had her very first hair cut last week.  Her hair really wasn’t that long to begin with but it kind of looked like she had a mullet going on so we just had the hairstylist even it out and cut off that mullet!


Before the hair cut,

P1010246 P1010249

during the hair cut,


and of course after the hair cut.

Not much of a difference but up close it is all evened out and hopefully her hair will start growing more so we can do some pig tails or something!

I took a push pop to help distract her while she got her hair cut. It worked pretty well she never once reached up to her head like she does when I try to do her hair with a bow or a pony. I might have to invest in some more push pops!