Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Ginormous Zucchini

This is the big one that I mentioned in the update to the previous post. I put a pineapple and a peach in the picture for comparison. The heat is affecting the plants, and they were out of production for a little bit, but now I am back to trying to find friends to take them off our hands.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mutant Vegetables

That thing I am holding there is a zucchini, probably the biggest I have grown but most of them get larger than anything you can ever buy in a store. I don't think that the picture really does it justice, it is a beauty to behold. It was about 15 inches long and weighed in at 3.25 lbs. They come out of the grow box garden we have at my parents house. There were some radishes that were 4" in diameter that were produced in there but the pictures are on a different camera, I will put those up later. So far we have grown carrots, cilantro, three types of bell peppers, green onions, bulb onions, tomatillos, two kinds of lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower. The garden is only 5' by 7' but it produces way more than we can eat because of the special soil and fertilizers. Kathy takes zucchini to work and has a raffle to give it away. We try to give away as much as we can but a lot of it ends up being fed to Shaka ( the labrador who loves carrots and anything that falls off the fruit trees), and to the rabbits next door.

Outside of the garden we have some watermelons, zucchini, berries, and pumpkins; but the garden produces the best fruits. For any gardeners out there, you should get any of the Mittleider Method books and give it a try. You wouldn't believe what you can grow out of a frame filled with sand and sawdust.

Update: Right after this post I pulled out a 4 lb 9oz zucchini, and within a week my personal best is now 5 lbs 5 oz, which is coincidentally what I weighed when I was born.