Sunday, November 8, 2009

Avery 4 months

One of my friends at work is getting into photography and she took some pictures of Avery! It was kind of hard getting Avery to cooperate she either had to be held was crying or had a pacifier in her mouth. So here are a few of the pictures that turned out well. Thanks Noelle! Check out her photography blog here
There were a lot of other pictures I tried to upload but it wouldn't work so these are the two you get. We also just took Avery to her 4 month appointment and she is doing great. She now weighs 14 pounds 6 ounces and is 26 1/2 inches long! Avery just learned how to roll over onto her tummy! Every time you put her down she rolls over then she gets upset because she can't get back onto her back.


We had a great Halloween this year. I was a little sad because we didn't dress up this year like we usually do, but Avery did. Avery was a little duck! She was so cute and fun. We went to grandma's trunk-or-treat at her ward one night. Then in our ward we had a fall festival where we did a booth and all the kids came dressed in their costumes and got candy. We carved a PUMPKIN! It was a pirate ship with a skull in the middle. Then on Halloween we visited some friends and family since Avery really isn't old enough to trick-or-treat or eat candy!

Avery got a little scared when she saw Thing 1 and Thing 2

Happy Halloween