Sunday, February 22, 2009

20 weeks half way there!

That's right today I am 20 weeks to the day! I can't believe I am only 20 weeks. I feel like I have been pregnant forever already. I think it is because when people start to find out that you are pregnant that is all they ever talk to you about. So even though we didn't tell anyone that I was pregnant until I was like 12 or 13 weeks along I feel like that was a long long long time ago!!!
At work I use to get questions from co-workers or all the drug reps that come in things like, "What did you do this weekend?" "How was that movie?" "Any vacations planned?" "Has your day been busy?" Now all I get is, " How are you feeling?" "Have you been sick?" "What cravings do you have?" "Is it a boy or a girl?" "Have you felt her move?" "How far along are you?" Which
I really don't mind the questions here and there but you have to realize that at my work I see a new drug rep about every 30 minutes and I get all the questions over and over again all day long! So since it is Sunday and I haven't had to see all the drug reps here are all the answers to the questions for everyone. I feel great!! I still haven't been sick at all, well at least not sick due to pregnancy, I am just getting over a bad cold which unfortunately I gave to Levi. I haven't really had any cravings except I love salty things.
When I think about making something to eat for dinner I can never come up with anything that actually sounds good. Levi said I had to include that we made a 9x13 pan of enchiladas on Monday which I only had two that night and we were planning on eating the rest of the week, well now it is Sunday and I haven't had seconds and poor Levi has had it for dinner every night this week!! I don't think that we will make that again for a while. The only thing that really sounds good all the time is a hamburger and salty french fries. I know I know that is so unhealthy but it just sounds soooooooo good!
I am still not sure if I have felt her move. I felt a little fluttering but that is it.......nothing like a kick in the ribs though. I guess that will come later! I really don't care to share with everyone how fat I look but I promised my sister in law Elise that I would put a picture up since every time we talk she bugs me about it!! So here it is!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a....

This morning we went for an ultrasound to check up on our baby. The office is called Phoenix Perinatal Associates, and it was very nice. The woman that did the ultrasound was super polite and everybody was happy and kind, it was probably the best doctor's office I have ever been to because of how nice and helpful everyone was.
Levi was really impressed with the ultrasound machine. It recorded in real time and then the operator would pause, rewind and play forward in slow motion to make sure that she captured the correct shot for making the measurements of the baby. Then it would just snap back to real time for her to do it again. She also flipped it into a 3D rendering mode to get images of the baby in the womb. She said that based on the measurements the baby was 19 weeks along, and I will be 19 weeks on Sunday so it looks like everything is coming along on schedule. The baby is healthy and normal, and they couldn't detect any problems from the ultrasound.
I don't think that I have felt the baby moving but it was sure squirming during the ultrasound. From the very beginning the baby was moving it's arms and legs all over, and was moving pretty quick. It even rolled over and the doctor had a hard time looking at the heart because the spine was then in the way.
And finally, its a GIRL! We are so excited and can't wait till she is finally here. To tell you the truth I really wanted it to be a boy. Not for any reason in particular, I think it is because I am the only girl in my family and loved having older brothers. Also I was the little girl that told my mom, "No more PINK!" I told everyone at work that I wanted a boy but I thought it was going to be a girl because I was getting the ultrasound on Friday the 13th, and I was right! But we are really looking forward to having a little girl. There is something about a little girl that is so sweet. Our Niece Alivia is the sweetest little girl. She will come up to you and sit on your lap and cuddle with you and tell you all about everything that was going on. When the newest Nephew was born Alivia was all about it. She always wanted to sit by Reed and touch him and play with him. It was so cute! Thats the part that I am excited for. Please don't expect all the bows and dresses though because I am not that creative!

Little baby toes!

Our little girl squirming and covering her face.

Yes, its a girl. Thats just the umbilical cord.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Food by the sweat of your brow.

Levi here. Since Kathy is spending her time growing a baby I have decided to get started on my garden this year and start growing some fruits and vegetables. That's not really true; I would be gardening whether or not Kathy was pregnant, I just thought that it sounded clever.
This year I have decided to focus my efforts on growing some quality plants. In the past I have grown many different kinds of veggies at a time just to see what works and to have some interesting plants. But this year I am only going to grow three vegetables: yellow crookneck squash, pickling cucumbers, and okra. I will also be growing some cantaloupe, and some watermelon. I have already sprouted some yellow watermelon and I hope they survive this storm we just had. I might return back to my old ways and grow a few different types of watermelon.
Growing your own food is pretty amazing. Kathy and I like to go out and see how much has changed each day and then come up with creative ways to use up our fruits. Last fall I had more than a few pumpkins so we roasted seeds, made pumpkin breads and muffins, carved some for Halloween, and still had some to give away.
We're hoping to have a good haul this summer because we want to try to pickle some cukes and okra (two of Kathy's favorite snacks) and we will probably need extras to perfect the process. I am also going to need to figure out a new fence to keep out the dogs. Shaka found out where carrots come from and now I find paw prints in the garden once in a while.
I will keep the blog updated with garden news and pictures of our harvests.