Sunday, April 26, 2009

I really am pregnant and I have the pictures to prove it.

The other day at work the NP that I work for asked me if Levi had gained any weight with me through the pregnancy. Of course my reply was are you crazy?!?!? Have you seen Levi. He couldn't gain a pound if he wanted to. Then she said that alot of guys eat what there wives are craving which usually isn't the healthiest snack or meal and they end up gaining a couple of pounds along with there wives. I then went on to tell her what Levi eats on a regular basis, you know like a box of cheez its, a heaping bowl of spaghetti around ten o'clock(after a normal dinner), milk shakes, double stuff oreos, and of course I can't forget the big bowl of ice cream on a regular basis. That is just a few of his regular snacks but do you think he has gained even a pound? NOPE! I don't think it is possible! I couldn't help but laugh when she asked me that. So I decided to include a picture of Levi along with myself so you can see us growing!

Today I am 29 weeks. I like to look at it the other way around, I only have 11 weeks left. It makes it seem closer for some reason. I have been feeling great. I am a little more tired than usual. The other day when it was 102 degrees outside I was really hot when I got home from work so I went and laid down in our room where there is a fan to cool off. It was 8:30 and then next thing you know I wake up and it was 11:30. I couldn't believe it. I still went back to sleep and slept the whole night. I guess I needed the extra sleep. I must have been pretty tired.

That rash I had finally went away thank goodness. The doctor said it was called PUPPS-Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. Everything I read said that it usually lasts until a week after delivery and then goes away. I am so dang lucky that it went away. It itched more than anything I have ever experienced. I am just really hoping that it doesn't come back!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It was like that scene in the movie 'Alien'

Levi came up with that title.
These last 5 weeks I have really started to feel our little girl move around inside of me. It is the weirdest thing ever. It is always at the same time everyday that I can really feel her move. I mean I feel her throughout the day but I think that I am just busy running around at work that I don't really pay that much attention to it. But when I get home I usually eat some dinner then around six thirty I lay down on the couch and put my feet up and she goes CRAZY! It is so funny. Levi always comes and puts his hand on my stomach and at first I could only feel it but within the last few weeks she has gotten stronger and stronger and Levi can feel it too. A few days ago I alerted Levi that she was moving; he was on the other couch and he could see my stomach moving from where he was!
It was so funny one day when she was moving Levi came to feel her and she stopped. He just kept his hand on my stomach, nothing happened, and then I hear him whisper to my belly the name that he likes and wants to name her (which we don't agree on quite yet) and no more than 2 seconds later I feel the biggest kick or punch ever! Levi was even surprised by how hard it was. I told Levi that she didn't like that name and was trying to kick him for saying it to her! Levi says that she likes the name and she was just responding to him, but I don't think so!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally done

When my mom was here in October she brought me a sewing machine so I could learn to sew a little bit! When she was here she helped me get all the necessities to start sewing. We also worked on a few projects while she was here. My mom got some fabric and a pattern to sew an apron and we only had time while she was here to cut the fabric out. Well I am proud to announce that six months later I finally finished the apron all by myself! I am pretty proud of myself, as long as I don't look to close to the edges!