Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little behind…………….

Okay so I just looked at our previous blog post and it was from NOVEMEBER! Where has the time gone? When I started this blog I thought what a good way to  remember the events that had taken place in our lives, because lets face it I have tried to keep a journal before but it just doesn’t work out for me.  So I thought with a blog I could just do one post a week of the events that had occurred but then that one post a week became once a month and then once a month came every couple of months. So here I am, trying to make up for all the things I didn’t write about and I am way to behind to catch up. Here are a few things that have taken place. I can’t write them all or else I wouldn’t have anything to write about next week.

In December we bought our first house. It is in Mesa (east mesa). It really isn’t that far out, but sometimes it feels like forever when I have to drop off Avery in the morning.(Only a 15-20 minute drive) But in the early morning it’s a long drive. We love our new house.  It is a four bedroom 2 1/2 bath house, around 2100 square feet. The first month of living here we could not get Avery off the stairs. We never had stairs before and she decided that she loved them. I guess the stairs are really fun to play on, I just don’t see it, but I guess it is a good work out for me. The other thing that Avery loves about it is the backyard. We actually have our own yard to play in. Avery loves to go outside and run around and kick  her soccer ball in the yard. Good thing it doesn’t snow here. Sadly I haven’t taken any pictures of our house yet. My back went out about 2 weeks after we moved in so everything hasn’t quite made it to the place it is suppose to be.  Maybe in a future post I can get a few pictures up.


Avery playing in the backyard.


For Christmas we went to Utah. We had a great time with my family. Avery was a lot of fun this year. She actually wanted to unwrap her presents and just about everyone else's too. At my parents house they have a lot of toys for the grandkids to play with and all of Avery's Christmas toys were all mixed in so when all her cousins came over to play of course they saw some new toys and wanted to play with them.  Avery had realized that they were her toys so she would follow them around and when they put the toy down and weren’t looking she would grab it and bring it to me like I needed to protect her toys and not let anyone have them. I always had a pile of toys on my lap that she had brought to me. It was pretty funny because she only did it with the toys that she had unwrapped the previous day. How on earth did she already know out of all of the toys scattered around that those were hers?  It amazes me to see how much little kids pick up on and how fast they learn. Christmas was great and we loved spending it with my family. We just wish they lived closer!


Christmas morning


Reed wanted to take everyone for a ride on Alivia’s new pink scooter.