Monday, March 22, 2010

More Avery Pics

People have been asking for more pictures of Avery, so here they are:

This is a good picture of Avery's little "Monkey Toes." She doesn't have long toes, she just likes to feel things with them and grab whatever she can with her toes. Every once in a while when you pull her out of the tub to dry her off she will be holding a wash cloth with her foot. In this picture she is trying to reach the camera.

Meal time has been getting messier and messier. Even if you get the food in her mouth, Avery likes to put her hands in her mouth and then rub them all over her face. Now the bibs have to be washed after every feeding and you have to take time to wash the food out of her hair. This is also a good example of her scrunched face that she makes when she smiles.

We picked up some sunglasses for Avery because it was pretty bright when we would go out for walks. Sunglasses are hard to keep on. You have to put them on and then distract her immediately with something else to make her forget that she is wearing them.

This is Avery's first experience with a real swing, it didn't go very well. She was okay just sitting in the swing, but as soon as we gave her a push she started crying and tried to get out of it. We are sure that she will enjoy it more as she gets older.