Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids and I were in Utah this year for Halloween (Levi had to work :( BOO!) He sure was missed, but we still managed to have a good time. Avery was Dorothy and Mason was a scarecrow. They sure were cute! My mom made Avery’s Dorothy braids to keep her head warm. I was really surprised that she actually kept it on all night long. Avery went to a couple of Halloween parties. Once she realized that Halloween was for dressing up, playing games, and getting candy she was all about it. All October long every time we left the house Avery would say, “I want to see a Spooky house” which meant that she wanted to see a house that was all decorated. So everywhere we went I had to yell out, “look a spooky house.” I loved that she was getting into Halloween and loved to see every ones decorations. After seeing the decorations all month long I thought she wouldn’t be to spooked by them on Halloween night. Nope, I was wrong! She was okay at first but once one of the houses had some noise and some things that jumped out at her it was all over. To her that meant that every house with any decorations was really scary. Even if it had a cute little pumpkin she sure wasn’t going to walk to that door alone. Thank goodness we went trick or treating with my brother Danny and His family and my brother Brad because my back definitely couldn't have taken all the carrying of Avery that Brad had to do! Thanks Brad! Aunt Elise was even nice enough to pull Avery pretty much the whole night in their wagon! Thanks again! It is always so much fun to see Avery with her cousins and to see how much she loves them. I had a great time with all of my family and even got to see a lot of old friends!


Playing with Reed and Cache


Cutest scarecrow ever!


Dorothy and the Scarecrow


The group


Buzz, Woody, Dorothy, and The Scarecrow


Thank goodness for wagons!


I have a green wooden word that says ”BOO” out for Halloween to decorate a little bit and Avery the little smarty pants that she is brought it to me and said, “This is a B” I said, “yup it sure is”. Then I told her that the whole word said Boo. She kept looking at the word then at me. Letting her mind work. Then she said,”This says Boo (Then a short pause followed by) “B”. So all month long she has been going around with the word in hand saying, “This says Boo B”


Pumpkin Patch


In October we took Avery to the Pumpkin Patch. We had a really good time along with Avery. I can’t say that Mason enjoyed it but he was really content sitting in his stroller(But what’s new? He is always content). First Avery got her face painted with a cute pumpkin, then we headed over to see all the animals.


Avery loved seeing the GIGANTIC  pot belly pig. She kept squealing at it. I on the other hand liked to see the little baby piglets, even though pigs are pretty DISGUSTING the babies were pretty cute!


Avery and I took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch while Levi and Mason took a little rest. P1020943

They had a little hay maze that was built short so you could see where the kids were at. It was really cute to see Avery telling Levi to follow her. She made it through the whole maze with Levi doing as told and following her.


hmmm which pumpkin should I pick?


Then Avery got to pick her very own pumpkin which she then decorated with stickers! To end the day Avery jumped and jumped and jumped in the bounce house!