Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deep sleeper or light sleeper

We try not to go out to eat to often but we hadn't been to pete's fish and chips in a long time and we had cause to celebrate (Levi got a job.....More to come on that later) so anyways Levi decided he wanted to go to Pete's so off we headed. Avery was awake the whole way there, while we ordered our food, also while we waited for our food. When we got our food she was dozing in and out of consciousness.
As most of you probably know that you sit outside when you go to Pete's. We were just sitting there eating our meals and we could hear a firetruck pull out of the station just up the street. It was slowly getting louder and louder. We were both watching Avery to see what she would do......Was she going to wake up and start crying or what? As we watched her the firetruck got closer and closer. Then it got to the intersection where Pete's is and of course they really turn up the siren and honk the horn to make sure the intersection is clear. We, of course, are sitting next to the wall of Pete's and the siren is echoing off the wall right to us. What do you think Avery does..........Nothing!! She didn't even blink and eye or squint her face....NOTHING! How in the world do you sleep through all that racket? Then what do you know, about five minutes after the firetruck was gone Avery's binky fell out of her mouth and she woke up screaming a second later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What to do after a doctor appointment?

Avery had her two month check up with the doctor and it went really well. The doctor said that she looked great. She just laid on the table while the doctor examined her and she didn't even make a peep, which is pretty strange for her. If you have met Avery you know that she isn't a quiet baby! The zantac must be working for her acid reflux because she has been a lot calmer lately! At her appointment she got two shots. OUCH!! She didn't like that too much, but she did pretty well. She only cried for the poke and then when I picked her up she was fine.
Avery weighs 12 pounds 2 ounces and she was around the 65%. She was 24 inches long and around the 95%. He said she was going to be tall! After seeing the doctor Avery curled up on the couch with her bear and binky and fell fast asleep.

Avery's favorite things these days: Bath time, curling her long monkey toes around your fingers, being held, getting her toes tickled, being naked(don't worry we only let her do this at home), smiling and sticking out her tongue.

Monday, September 7, 2009

We LOVE long weekends

I think that every weekend should be a three day weekend. It is always nice to have one extra day to get all your stuff together or just relax after a busy week! My parents and my brother Craig and his son Cory came down for the weekend. We decided to bless Avery since it was the long weekend and some of my family could make it to Arizona. We had a great time with them. This is a short and condensed version of our fun.

Swimming and hot tubbing-----EVERY DAY

Tia Rosas Mexican Restaurant

Shop til we drop......It doesn't take long for me to drop. I am usually done after a few stores!

BYU football game....GO COUGARS!!

Neds--BEST sandwich ever

Dart gun war

Family dinner with both of our families

Scorpion hunting

Took Cory for a ride on the ATV

Watching movies and relaxing

Avery's Blessing

Levi did a wonderful job on Avery's blessing! It was a beautiful blessing and perfect for our little girl! My mom still had the dress that I was blessed in so I decided to have Avery wear it. It fit her perfect. She looked so cute! I am so glad that I have a husband that is worthy to hold the priesthood and that can give our family members blessing when we are in need. Thank you so much Levi for being the best husband ever. We had a wonderful weekend and I am really dreading going back to work, even though it will be a short week to me it is still long being away from my two favorite people!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Word Project

I had some free time on my hands so I got these wood letters and decided to paint and decorate them for Avery's room. This is how they turned out.

Plus I had to add a picture of Avery with her bear.