Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mason is 6 months

P1030281Mason is AMAZING!! I can’t even tell you what a good baby he is. Every where I go someone always asks,”Is he always this content?” My answer, “Yeah pretty much” He does have his moments but then again who doesn’t! I LOVE this little BIG guy! I could just snuggle him all day long, which I pretty much do! He definitely is a mama’s boy and I love it. Mason is already six months old. Where has the time gone? He got his two bottom teeth when he was four months and he just got his third bottom tooth.He has been eating oatmeal and rice cereal, which he loves. He can down a whole bowl in minutes. He started rolling over when he was five months old. Now he is starting to sit up on his own. Mason smiles all the time at anyone that talks to him. He has the BIGGEST and CUTEST dimples in the world. I love to tickle Mason and make him laugh and laugh and laugh! Levi is pretty good at getting Mason to roar and talk back to him. I love to see them playing together. Avery loves to play with Mason and to help him get a toy to play with. She also takes note as to when his bink is missing and she needs to find it for him or when she needs to put a blanket on him. She is mommy’s little helper(a little too much). She sure loves Mason along with the rest of us. Mason watches Avery do everything. He does get a little upset when he can’t see her but he can hear her. He has to know what is going on. Avery sure can get the best smiles out of Mason! We LOVE him!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


By the subject of the topic you probably thought I was talking about Mason,WRONG! Avery was a little addicted to her pacifier. When she turned one we told her that she could only have her bink during nap time and bed time. Then we were going to slowly take it away. Well we never took it away completely. So a couple of months ago I was talking to Avery and told her that it might be a good idea to give her bink to Santa and he would give her a special present. So for the past couple of months if you asked Avery about Santa all she would say was, “Avery give her bink to Santa”. I didn’t want Christmas day to be a disaster from not getting any sleep due to no pacifier. So at the beginning of December we wrote a special letter to Santa and mailed it off along with her pacifier. The next day Santa wrote back and left a special gift on Averys bed. Here are the pictures of the whole adventure!


Letter written and bink attached getting ready to go drop it off in the mailbox.


If she knew that she really wasn’t going to see her bink again I don’t think she would be smiling!


The next day checking to see if Santa wrote back. He did!!Smile Santa said that his reindeer Prancer was really enjoying playing with her pacifier.


Avery opening her present that was left by Santa on her bed.

The whole transition went pretty smoothly. The first day during nap time she cried for about 45 min. Then that night at bed time she cried for about 30 min. She kept asking for her bink and we would kindly remind her that she sent it to Santa. One time she told me we needed to go get her bink out of the mailbox. The second day she cried for about 15 min. By day three she had stopped asking for it. Kids learn pretty darn quick!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall Leaves

We Red heart the Fall in Utah!!!



Thanksgiving Point


Averys first pony ride. She loved it. We went to Thanksgiving point with some family in Utah and had a great time. Avery LOVES to play with her cousins!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Masons first haircut

While in Utah My sister-in-law gave Mason his first, and much needed, haircut. He had a patch of hair on the top of his head that was so long and poofy that just could not be controlled. Avery also got a little trim to control all the little scraggly hair.


Look how long it was!


After the cut. What a STUD!


Avery looking a little

nervous before her haircut.


Happy as can be when done!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids and I were in Utah this year for Halloween (Levi had to work :( BOO!) He sure was missed, but we still managed to have a good time. Avery was Dorothy and Mason was a scarecrow. They sure were cute! My mom made Avery’s Dorothy braids to keep her head warm. I was really surprised that she actually kept it on all night long. Avery went to a couple of Halloween parties. Once she realized that Halloween was for dressing up, playing games, and getting candy she was all about it. All October long every time we left the house Avery would say, “I want to see a Spooky house” which meant that she wanted to see a house that was all decorated. So everywhere we went I had to yell out, “look a spooky house.” I loved that she was getting into Halloween and loved to see every ones decorations. After seeing the decorations all month long I thought she wouldn’t be to spooked by them on Halloween night. Nope, I was wrong! She was okay at first but once one of the houses had some noise and some things that jumped out at her it was all over. To her that meant that every house with any decorations was really scary. Even if it had a cute little pumpkin she sure wasn’t going to walk to that door alone. Thank goodness we went trick or treating with my brother Danny and His family and my brother Brad because my back definitely couldn't have taken all the carrying of Avery that Brad had to do! Thanks Brad! Aunt Elise was even nice enough to pull Avery pretty much the whole night in their wagon! Thanks again! It is always so much fun to see Avery with her cousins and to see how much she loves them. I had a great time with all of my family and even got to see a lot of old friends!


Playing with Reed and Cache


Cutest scarecrow ever!


Dorothy and the Scarecrow


The group


Buzz, Woody, Dorothy, and The Scarecrow


Thank goodness for wagons!


I have a green wooden word that says ”BOO” out for Halloween to decorate a little bit and Avery the little smarty pants that she is brought it to me and said, “This is a B” I said, “yup it sure is”. Then I told her that the whole word said Boo. She kept looking at the word then at me. Letting her mind work. Then she said,”This says Boo (Then a short pause followed by) “B”. So all month long she has been going around with the word in hand saying, “This says Boo B”


Pumpkin Patch


In October we took Avery to the Pumpkin Patch. We had a really good time along with Avery. I can’t say that Mason enjoyed it but he was really content sitting in his stroller(But what’s new? He is always content). First Avery got her face painted with a cute pumpkin, then we headed over to see all the animals.


Avery loved seeing the GIGANTIC  pot belly pig. She kept squealing at it. I on the other hand liked to see the little baby piglets, even though pigs are pretty DISGUSTING the babies were pretty cute!


Avery and I took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch while Levi and Mason took a little rest. P1020943

They had a little hay maze that was built short so you could see where the kids were at. It was really cute to see Avery telling Levi to follow her. She made it through the whole maze with Levi doing as told and following her.


hmmm which pumpkin should I pick?


Then Avery got to pick her very own pumpkin which she then decorated with stickers! To end the day Avery jumped and jumped and jumped in the bounce house!


Monday, October 24, 2011

ABC Sing With Me

Avery LOVES to sing. This is her singing the ABC's(Super Why version). Don't mind the crazy hair and the PJ's, she just got out of the bath tub. Also please excuse Mason screaming in the background.
Every week Avery goes to a group called Music Makers which she loves! She always asks if we are going to music makers. She is a little shy each time we go but she warms up pretty fast. At music makers we sing songs, listen to a few stories, get a snack, and play time of course
Averys favorite songs right now are:
Twinkle Twinkle
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
Popcorn popping
I am a child of God
We are the dinosaurs
She can sing every word in all those songs. She amazes me each day with what she is saying and doing. Oh yeah one other funny thing she did we were driving in the car and the Vanilla Ice song Ice Ice Baby came on and Avery was grooving right along singing Ice Ice Baby! Then she would shout at us to raise the roof and to nod our heads! Now whenever we get in the car she says,"Lets do baby Ice" Avery is HiLaRiOuS!!!! We love her to death!

Toy Box

I found this box at JoAnnes on clearance and thought I would make Avery a toy box for her room. I forgot to take a picture before I decorated the lid but you get the picture. This is the first time that I have used mod podge and let me tell you that stuff is amazing! The box wasn’t really square so it took me a while to cut the angles just right.



Finished toy box

Monday, October 3, 2011

*.*.*.*.*SpLaSh PaD*.*.*.*.*

We have taken a few trips to the splash pad to cool off during the EXTREME HEAT WARNING!P1020782P1020803P1020794


Avery’s friend Jude came with us! Avery made sure we stopped for an ice cream on the way home!P1020811

Monday, September 5, 2011

Levi’s Birthday Pinetop

For Levi’s birthday he took Friday off and we went to Pinetop. It is always so nice to get out of the heat!



This is the only picture we took on Levi’s Birthday.



These two got some much needed naps and cuddle time, while Avery and I spent some time outside going for walks, finding caterpillars, spotting bears(carved wood ones) and swinging.


We walked to the lake to feed the ducks


Levi pulled Avery and Mason on quite a few wagon rides


It was so nice and relaxing to get out of Mesa for the weekend. We should have waited on more week because the day we got home started a two week extreme heat warning of temps above 110.