Sunday, March 22, 2009

I don't want to wear mittens to bed

I need some ideas from anyone who can help. These last three weeks my stomach has itched so bad! I don't mean that it itched and I scratched it once and it was all good to go, I am talking itchy itchy itchy all day long and to satisfy the itchiness I have to scratch my belly really really hard for a good amount of time and usually my stomach is still not satisfied, I just know that I have to stop scratching it. I will even wake up in the middle of the night and find myself scratching my stomach. I just can't stop myself. I try really really hard and still find myself scratching. I have bought all sorts of lotions with cocoa butter and vitamin E that people have recommended for me but it just doesn't seem to help. I have been putting the lotion on all day long and it isn't helping. Sometimes I put a little ice pack on my stomach to numb the area so I can't tell that it is itchy! All I can think of all day long is DON'T SCRATCH YOUR STOMACH! Just the other day I scratched my stomach so bad that it actually started to bleed and I have scratch marks all over my stomach. I can't stand it anymore. I have a doctors appointment this week that I am going to ask my doctor what she recommends I use, but if any one knows of anything that works good let me know because I am dying!! I am going to have to start wearing gloves to bed so I can't scratch my stomach!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peep peep here, peep peep there...

Levi here:
My dad finally bought the chickens that he has been talking about for months. The black ones are Barred Plymouth Rock chickens and the brown ones are Silver Ameraucanas. So far the dogs have not made any direct attempts to get at the chicks. The chicks are staying in an aquarium under a desk in the kitchen until they feather out and can stay outside. I am going to have to build a coop for them out underneath the trees before they get too big.
Today we put them outside to have a little exercise. They were running and pecking at every bug they could see, even chasing flies that would zoom by. When they went back in their cage, all of them immediately got a drink and went to sleep underneath the warming light.
I decided that I wanted to name one. Its name is Beaker, named for the Muppet who only says " meep, meep, meep" and because it has a beak. It is the lightest colored brown chick on the right of the first picture (his bum is facing out) and on the far left of the second one. I have to say "it" because some could turn out to be boys and we really have no idea even though the store said they are supposed to be hens. Beaker was always striking out from the group and exploring, its already my favorite.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over-nighter in Payson

A couple of weekends ago our friend Dave and his wife Alyona invited us to go to their cabin in Payson. We headed up after work on Friday. When we got there we got a fire going to warm us up. It was pretty chilly up there. There was still a little bit of snow on the ground. We just had a relaxing evening talking and watching movies. We also made Daves favorite pizza. Something I have never tried or even heard of. We had a frozen pizza dough that we let thaw and then for the toppings we put cheese, imitation crab meat, and tomatoes. I thought that sounds and looks disgusting but when I tried it it really wasn't that bad. I don't think Levi really liked it that much, but I didn't mind it. We also made an original pizza with pizza sauce, cheese and sausage so Levi would have something to enjoy too.
On Saturday we got up and got ready and went out for a hike. We went to a place called box canyon. It is next to the R bar C boy scout camp. We hiked down a canyon to a river. The weather was great. I even got a little to much sun and got a little burned. We had a great time. It was good to get away, even for a night, after a long week of work and school. We had a great time and hope we get to have more get-aways soon!!!!!

David and Alyona in front of the creek.

Kathy next to a series of waterfalls.

The two of us along the creek

Hiking down into the canyon. Off to the right on a cliff that overlooks the waterfalls there was a small plaque that appeared to be a tribute to someone's dog. It was a wooden plaque with a picture of a German Shepherd and the name "Bear" was written on it. It was just leaning against the base of a tree.