Monday, May 18, 2009


This last week was very busy. My parents came into town for Levi's graduation. We had a great time seeing them. I hope they had a good time here in the heat! We did a lot of shopping, eating out, and we saw the new star trek movie! On Wednesday I worked the first half of the day and then we all went to Levi's commencement program. It was a lot of walking, sweating and standing in lines to get in. It was at ASU's football stadium and man was it hot!! The thing didn't start until seven but since there was so much security we were told we had to be there by four! There was a little pre show where we got to see Alice Cooper perform "schools out for summer." I was a little disappointed because he didn't have all his crazy makeup on! But it was still fun to see! There was so much security because The President Barack Obama came and spoke at the commencement. Its fun to say that you have seen the President in real life but it was more fun listenening to Levi and my dad make their comments about everything the president said! It was pretty funny! I think that all of us that went lost five to ten pounds just from sweating, plus the long walk to and from the stadium! Man was I pooped after that.

I took Friday off of work to go to Levi's convocation! It was a lot nicer than the commencement ceremony-----no long lines, no sweating, no long walks to and from the building. The hoods that they have to wear with the gown is pretty funky, it was maroon and gold on one side and royal blue velvet on the other. The whole program was only an hour and a half. After Levi got his diploma we had a really nice dinner at Levi's Grandparents house. It was so yummy! I am so proud of Levi. He has worked so hard at law school. He took extra classes during the summer just to learn as much as he could while he was attending school. He also worked on the law review for the last two years. Now we just need to find a job for him!

On Saturday Levi took my dad to the shooting range while my mom and I did some shopping! I think they had a good time at the range. My dad brought home his target and had to show it off to all of us. The rest of the day we did some shopping and relaxed. My parents left for home early Sunday morning. We really enjoyed them visiting! It won't be long until they come again for the new baby! We can't wait!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone! Today was a great day. Levi and I woke up early to get an elk roast started in the crock pot for dinner later. Levi then surprised me with a mothers day present even though I am not quite a mom. He got two mommy and me bracelets that match each other. He got a pink and a white set. One for me and one for the baby. And of course a chocolate bar! Any pregnant person knows you can't go wrong with chocolate. It was perfect. Levi is so thoughtful! He is the best Husband ever! I love him so much!

In the afternoon we had Levi's parents over for a mothers day dinner. It was delicious. We had a elk roast with potatoes, onions, carrots, and green peppers, steamed squash, jell-o and for dessert a double chocolate pie from Costco(of course I picked out the chocolate). It was nice to have Levi's parents over to our house for dinner. They have had us over for Sunday dinner every Sunday since we have been married--two and half years. They are so kind to have us! We didn't want to make Peggy cook for us on mothers day.

Peggy is an amazing person. She can't ever slow down. She retired last year after 26 or so years of working for mesa public schools. Now she fills up her days gardening, exercising, doing humanitarian projects for the church, and making us the cutest baby blanket ever! She is a great mother-in-law and she makes some killer meat loaf!!! I have never liked meatloaf until now!

My parents also came into town today. They are here for the week for Levi's graduation. We are so excited to have them come visit. It was so kind of them to bring down all the baby gifts from the baby shower in Utah. Maybe when they are here my mom can give me another sewing lesson. My mom is the best seamstress in the world. She can make anything. She always has a project going on. Whether it be making blankets for the grandkids, sewing Halloween costumes, or fixing a rip in a pair of jean she does an amazing job! Right now she is making receiving blankets for her humanitarian group. When they started this group they came up with the name the looney loomers! I suggested that the group should be called the happy hookers!(I make myself laugh) Their group is truly amazing. They all work really hard on helping out those in need. They meet once a month and find projects to work on.

My mom loves, loves, loves her grandkids. She would do anything for them! Whenever I talk to her on the phone she is always telling me something funny that one of them did. She would do anything for any one of her kids or grandchildren. Levi and I just wanted to tell our moms how much we love and appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you!!!