Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We have a one year old

On July 6th Avery had her first birthday! While we were in Utah we had a birthday party for her. She loves to play with the toys she got from her cousins. She got a bubble machine and we have to hide it from her because if she sees it she immediately wants to go outside and blow bubbles and we all know that it is too HOT for that right now. Another one of her favorites is a tea pot that sings and tea cups. She carries the tea cups around pretending to drink out of it makes sipping noises. Then she likes to give me a try. Grandma and Grandpa Neilsen gave her a rocking horse that she loves to ride. P1010162  We also had a little party here in Arizona with Levi’s family. Avery had learned from her party in Utah by watching all her cousins open her presents that now she new what to do. She tore right into them. She loves her HUGE pink bear from Grandpa Hatch and she got some clothes and an awesome phone from Grandma Hatch. Now she can stop playing with ours! Avery loved her giant cupcake that Levi and I had made her. She ate it right up and smushed it all over her highchair.P1010133 I cannot believe that we have a one year old. That is just so crazy to think about.  It feels like she was born just a few months ago.  She is growing up way to fast. At her 12 month check up she weighed 20lbs 11oz. The doctor said she was good on her weight and that she was the tallest out of all the babies her age!

Everyone that meets Avery tells us how smart she is. We were at the check out at the store and a lady behind us was playing peek-a-boo with Avery and she turned to me and said, “She is so cute how old is she?” and before I answered Avery was holding up her finger showing her how old she was (It was actually one day before her birthday). The lady was very impressed and asked me if I had already put her in a school or if she was just learning this at home. It is just so crazy how fast and how much little kids learn.

Things Avery is doing these days: Shows you how old she is with her fingers, claps her hands, gives you five, she says woof woof when she sees a dog, walks everywhere, folds her arms, she can say mom dad dog and baby.

Avery is so much fun and I am so glad she is our daughter! She makes our life so fun and I couldn’t imagine life without her. Thank You to everyone that called to wish Avery a happy birthday! Even though she doesn’t really talk back on the phone she loves to hold the phone up to her ear and listen to you!  Also thank you for all the birthday gifts, Avery has been having so much fun with them all.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

P1010112 P1010088


Avery thought it was pretty funny when dad put her tutu on her head!