Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 Quirks

I have been tagged by my friend Amanda! I need to list 6 quirks about myself but I decided since this is our blog we are going to do three quirks about me and three about Levi...

Kathy's Quirks
1. I cannot stand to touch foam pads. When we go camping that is one thing that I will not touch. Even though I LOVE sleeping on them I make someone else put them in the tent. I have to cover it with a sheet because of the fear that somehow through my sleeping bag I will end up touching it.

2. I do not like the sound of joints popping. More like I cannot stand the sound it makes. It grosses me out and I get the chills when I hear it. And of course Levi takes every opportunity to pop each of the three joints in each finger along with his wrists/neck/back/feet/ well lets just say everything! EWWW!
P.S. He just did it when I was writing this!!

3. Levi teases me because I watch infomercials! I wouldn't say that I like to watch them but I just get sucked in. The infomercial could be for the dumbest thing in the world but for some reason the channel stops. I think it is mostly due to the part that we only have 8 channels to choose from and probably about 5 of them have a infomercial on at the same time. I think I have seen the one for the cricut machine like 20 times. But I have to admit the cricut machine looks rad!

Levi's Quirks
1. When ever Levi locks a door no matter where he is or what door it is that he locks he takes about five steps away from the door then says "did I lock the door?" then he has to turn around and check to see if the door is locked. Even if I say you locked it most the time he still has to check it. I don't know if this is a quirk or OCD! He says this only started when he got a truck that doesn't have key less entry!

2. He doesn't like chocolate flavored ice cream but he loves vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. He says that chocolate ice cream has a weird burnt taste to it so instead he would like to make his own.

3. The TWO MAN Hatch rule! Levi and his brother made a rule that no two male hatch's can work on the same project at the same time. For some weird reason if they do end up working on the same project they get in arguments about how the project should be done. Sometimes I think one of them is going to punch the other one in the face! They all think that their way is the best way. This rule applies to Levi, his brother, his dad, and his grandpa!

We want to tag EliseN., Romi R., Jenn H., and Jamie H.