Monday, February 4, 2013

All about Mason


Mason is now 21 months old. He started going to nursery in December and that was all fine and dandy because Avery was in his class. Then January hit and Avery went to primary and Mason was left in nursery......alone. He has now become the screamer in the class. He cries and cries and cries. I am hoping he gets used to it soon. Levi went with him last Sunday and he did well with Dad in there. During snack time in nursery all the kids get a tiny cup of water and a few snacks like ritz crackers, goldfish, or veggie straws. Mason started taking his veggie straws and dipping them in his water like it was a fry and ketchup. Then he proceeded to do it with all his other snacks. I guess he started a new trend, before snack time was over all the kids were dipping their snacks in their water....Oops!P1040926

Mason is just a fun loving kid. He is always smiling and playing around. He has started to tease Avery and he thinks it is pretty funny. He loves to tackle her when she is least expecting it.  Mason loves to get dirty. He loves to go to the park, play in the sand, go for wagon rides, and loves to do pretty much whatever Avery is doing. They usually play pretty well together.


Mason has started saying new things everyday. He likes to say mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy until you go crazy! He also says daddy, drink, car, truck, ball, he is trying to say his ABC’s he can do ABCD.


Mason will never pass down a chance for a cookie. I caught him trying to get one off the counter while they were cooling off. He is one silly boy that we love!