Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

We hadn’t been to Lake Powell for a couple years and thought it would be a great year to go. We all had a blast! What did we do at Lake Powell? Absolutely NOTHING, and it was great! Okay not nothing, but let me tell you there was a lot of relaxing going on. Mixed in with the relaxing we went jet skiing, we laid out in the sun, we read books, we sat on top of the houseboat and looked at the stars, we had glow stick parties at night, we went on a hike/hiked up a giant sand hill, we played plenty of games, and we made daily trips down to the shop to get a treat. Mason enjoyed playing with the hose while it filled up the blue pool. Avery liked to sit on the tube behind the boat and swim all day long. She also liked to line up all the pads on top of the house boat and pretend they were a train or do gymnastic tricks on them with Mason following right behind her. Plus we ate some pretty darn good food! Good food always makes for a great trip.


This popsicle started out as SpongeBob but quickly melted



FrankandAsh said...

ya and if you don't have good food people get grumpy real quick:) lol..looks like fun!

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

That is way cool that Avery was daring enough to be on the inner tube.

Also, your kids are dang cute. Really.